Over the past 18 months most companies have come to realize that they have to rethink their operations, with a considerable emphasis on enhancing and raising the efficiency level of employees. The application of specific emerging technologies enabled companies to scale their operations, in direct proportion to increased demand, in a more productive and efficient manner.

The way we look at processes and their optimization also need to be revalued. It is time to optimize for automation. This does not mean simply throwing a bot at it, because a bot is only one component. A big part of hyperautomation is process orchestration, which becomes the layer between the human element, data, systems and automated components (bots) – providing handover points, end-to-end process insights and an enhanced customer experience. 

To obtain real operation excellence, a holistic view should be taken on the human factor, process and automation and their interaction. Creating a digital workforce, which can be embedded across your organization, while orchestrating the process with humans in the loop, becomes the real challenge.



Many organizations are still struggling to scale their automation initiative, as it is solely based on Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA is only a single component of automation and the expectation that it can solve all automation problems might be unrealistic, as its function is limited. Another challenge is getting the company’s workforce to interact with automation components, disparate data and systems across the organization.

As leader of an organization you should not be misled by quick wins that RPA can bring. This approach can lead to shortsightedness and poor decision-making. You have to consider the value that a long-term vision for automation can bring. The objective should be to see automation as an empowering business component to improve process efficiency by creating an orchestrated workflow that includes people, bots, cognitive components, data and systems..

How we can help

KPMG Lighthouse is a group of dedicated professionals, solving data and automation-related problems. We have a broad range of industry and technology experience not only locally, but also with wide access to our global KPMG network. We believe that hyperautomation is an approach to automation which can respond to your business needs, strategy and IT landscape with an effective plan. Our approach is to produce the right, pragmatic solution to a problem you face, then to implement it in a sustainable and scalable fashion, together with you.