In today’s digital world, becoming data-driven is not an option anymore. It’s a pre-requisite every organization, across any sector, is working on. In order to realize the most out of company’s data and information assets, a dedicated operating model has to be put in place, integrated into the organization and aligned with its business goals.

Data, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI) must receive the management and governance structures they deserve. Through our services, we help organizations realize the value they can expect from their data, structure themselves accordingly, align their data ambitions with their strategic business goals –taking into account sector-driven compliance and regulatory constraints.

Furthermore, we support businesses in increasing the trust they have in (the quality of) their data and information assets – whatever priorities they have set (e.g. advanced analytics & AI, compliance, ERP transformations, digitalization, etc.).

In today’s accelerated digital world, becoming data-driven is not an option anymore. Managing data as an asset, bringing it aligned with your corporate strategy and building trust in it are critical success factors.



Whatever the context and content, transforming is a challenge. But it also brings so many (new) opportunities! Let’s explore some typical data-transformation related challenges

We’ve realized that data is the new oil, and that becoming more data-driven is no longer an option. Nonetheless, becoming more data-driven is, without any doubt, much easier said than done. Typical challenges we’ve noticed at our clients, are:

  • How can data help us achieve our business strategy: where should we start?
  • What data ambitions do we need to formulate to optimally achieve our strategy?
  • Which data should we capture, manage and exploit, and equally important: which not?
  • How do we (further) build our data organization and culture?
  • Which organizational structure and operating model best fits our current and future data needs?


Aside from these more strategic challenges, operationalizing solid data and information management also implies challenges with respect to (further) setting up data governance, master data management, data quality management and data lineage across the entire organization. This raises further questions:

  • How do we ensure proper ownership of data across the entire organization?
  • How do we create transparency in which data is available and/or used for which purpose?
  • Which data related processes do we need?
  • How can we measure and improve the quality of the data at our disposal?
  • How can we comply with (data-driven) regulation in an efficient and effective way?


How we can help

Our KPMG BE Lighthouse team of data enthusiasts is supported by professionals with cross-industry expertise, powered by an international network of data specialists and strategic relationships across the emerging technology landscape. We don’t believe in “black box” solutions, but prefer to take the time to define the issue together, starting from your business needs. Working shoulder to shoulder with clients, we believe in co-creating pragmatic solutions that generate tangible value.

Let us help you start managing and using your data in a trustworthy way!

Our team of experts is ready to help you with the following, and more:

  • Data strategy design & implementation
  • Advanced Data Management
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Data monetization & Infonomics
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Data strategy design & implementation

We can support your organization and executive teams in defining your data, analytics and AI ambitions and developing data strategies that embed the trust, operational excellence and strategic vision needed to thrive in a data-driven ecosystem.

We draw on our functional expertise to work shoulder to shoulder with you to operationalize the defined strategy.

We design and implement realistic data transformation roadmaps, co-create robust Target Operating Models for data and information and assist you in building a data culture.

We aim at delivering targeted results by accelerating momentum, delivering tangible value from the start and adding the necessary dose of pragmatism.

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Advanced Data Management

We can support your organization in defining and implementing the necessary capabilities to manage and govern data as an asset, in a prioritized and realistic way.

We help you to overcome challenges that arise when managing large amounts of structured and unstructured data and complex combinations of data sources and data models through, for example, data governance, data quality, data lineage and metadata management.

Combining international data management standards and experience from our KPMG Advanced Data Management Framework (ADMMA), we help create trust and get sustainable value out of your data.

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Master Data Management (MDM)

We can support your organization in setting up the appropriate structure, processes and systems/technologies to clean your master data and to keep it clean over time.

We offer in-depth expertise in MDM to create solid and reliable data foundations. With MDM, you ensure the data is kept reliable, consistent, and accessible to those who need it, when they need it.

We provide a complete solution for your complex master data challenges and offer a proven MDM methodology including the use of related master data tooling.

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Data monetization & infonomics

We can support your organization in valuing your data, so that data can be treated as an asset and benefits can be gained from maximizing its value.

We think together on how data can be used to its full potential to optimize operational efficiency and deliver new products and services, but also how the data can be monetized through trading, sharing and selling.

We embed this approach, as part of your data strategy, within your overarching corporate strategy.


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