There’s a lot at stake for companies that miss out on the right, automated, actionable insights.

At KPMG, we believe that with our “Business-led, Technology-enabled” mindset and approach, we are very well positioned to address this value gap.

To capitalize on the untapped potential of your information ecosystem, we can support you in leveraging data and transforming it into actionable insights. We expand the focus of business intelligence beyond reporting and dashboards to a broader capability that allows you to capitalize on your information, apply insight to respond to marketplace pressures, and identify competitive advantages. 

Buyers of data and analytics services will increasingly disqualify over 50% of providers due to lack of business knowledge and coverage of essential data strategy and data management skills.


Even though data is everywhere, generating value from it can be challenging. The transformation of data into actionable insights faces many hurdles in any type of organization. 

How are KPI’s aligned with the company’s strategic, tactical & operational goals? Performance indicators exist but they lack actionability. It’s difficult to determine whether results in different areas are good or bad and what can be done to influence or improve performance. 

Accessing, unifying and cleaning your data can also be difficult. There is no “single source of truth”, which results in a lack of trust in your data. Data is spread across silos which are hard to combine, hindering the creation of new dashboards, reports, AI use cases, among others. Data is duplicated across the enterprise and, all-too-often, multiple reports offer different values for the same KPIs. 

How can reporting be improved? Current static reports are not able to provide actionable insights and do not provide end-users a way to efficiently identify drivers for KPI changes. There are “too many” reports. This signals a need to clean up and rationalize these reports, leveraging functionalities available in modern BI & Analytics tools.

No clear view on how processes flow, making it difficult to identify and quantify deviations or weaknesses. It is difficult to identify the root cause of service interruptions or output quality issues.

How we can help

We believe that data and information needs should be at the heart of how your business is designed, operated and measured. Our offering was developed to help you tackle the specific data challenges your business faces while putting Business Intelligence & Analytics at the core of your strategy. 

To that end, we help your business through four distinct services that will support you in visualizing your data, setting up the right KPIs, building single sources of truth, and deep diving in your processes. These services are designed to derive actionable insights from your data, to steer your business in the right direction, and to capitalize on the untapped potential of your information systems.

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KPI / performance management

Deep dive in your data, your needs, and your goals to establish appropriate KPIs that will help steer your business in the right direction.

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BI platform & infrastructure

We help you define the right data platform for your specific needs to become more data driven, to enable the internet of things (IoT), and to support data monetization tracks.

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Dashboards & Data Visualization

Using cutting-edge technology to bring data to “life” is key to becoming a data-driven company. Storytelling and best practices for visualization techniques make our approach business driven.

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Process Mining

Visualize your business processes and analyze operative process data created by IT systems. We help you create greater business process transparency and insights for optimization.

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