We live in a time of digital disruption which is set to impact every business in every corner of the globe. Businesses that embrace technological advancements and leverage the potential of data will have immense opportunities to flourish and remain competitive. Those who don’t risk forever falling behind.

With this new mindset comes the challenge of mastering the ongoing hurdles that technological disruption brings. True digital transformation is not a one-time adoption — it is a continuous evolution.

Our business-first approach, infused by new technologies helps our clients achieve tangible and lasting benefits from their data and digitization initiatives.

The KPMG Lighthouse is our center of excellence around Data, AI and Emerging Technologies. Combining our data-driven capabilities and technologies with our deep-rooted domain and sector expertise, we help tackle our clients’ growth, cost and risks challenges and opportunities. We guide them through their business transformation and help prepare them for a future of continuous change.

By concentrating our competencies in data-driven and emerging technologies, our team is able to address your key challenges and opportunities including:

  • Shaping the Data & AI agenda and Strategy
  • Establishing an effective operating model and ecosystem for maximizing value generation from Data & AI
  • Enable insights driven decision making from a business and technology perspective
  • Design and develop the right digital solutions, leveraging new technologies and embedded within your existing technology landscape
  • Address specific data and AI related challenges or use cases


Leveraging proven frameworks and accelerators, we tailor our approach to guide you through your journey of digitalization and transformation.

Being part of a broader, global Lighthouse network also helps accelerate innovation, drive speed and relevance and ensure a global scale for data-driven solutions for our clients’ business.

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Challenges & trends

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Data Platforms

Many companies are adopting a data-driven approach and recognizing that effective use of their data is the key difference between an average enterprise and a high-performing business. They are embracing a more data-driven mindset and investing considerably in improving their data, analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities and activities. To successfully realize these initiatives, companies must have the ability to collect, organize, transform and analyze their data, which forms the basis for everything. These capabilities are typically enabled through a data platform, forming the engine for a widespread usage of data and value creation across the company.

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Unveil the value and potential of your Data – start Monetizing it!

Data monetization

Data Monetization is the process of identifying and assigning value to enterprise’s data assets, aiming at a positive impact on company’s revenues.

It is about exploiting data at best to derive or create internal (through streamlining operations and positively impacting decision-making processes) and external value (augmenting your company’s market value, obtained through selling/marketing data products, enhancing existing services/products, increasing corporate’s valuation or thanks to compliance). Moreover, it also suggests combining data the organization already possesses with data which is externally available – opening up a new window of business opportunities, leveraging an ecosystem of (new) other business partners.

Monetizing data requires a sound, prioritized and user-centric approach to ensure you spend your efforts and resources in the most effective and efficient way.

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Data driven by design

The way in which organizations manage, use and leverage data has become a key differentiator between an average enterprise and a high-performing business, making it critical for any organization to embrace a data-driven approach to its activities.

Our experience teaches us that organizations, able to do so, grow faster than traditional ones. This perception has led to considerable investments, by almost every organization in any industry, towards improving their data, analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, with the ultimate goals of looking for and finding a way to drive value based on data.

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Trust in data & AI

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence are an increasingly ubiquitous part of society that are transforming the way we live and work. Today, many of the important decisions in both our personal and professional lives are influenced, or even taken, by algorithms - often without us fully realizing. These automated actions and decisions may make life easier, but at the same time, unexpected behaviors or results from automated systems have led to a healthy skepticism, or even mistrust, of AI systems. Without public confidence that AI is being developed and used in an ethical and credible manner, it will not be trusted, and its full potential will not be realized. Regulators have understood this, which is why current and future legislation sets the bar high for AI.

Increasing trust and generating long-term value from your data, analytics and AI solutions demands a holistic and organization-wide approach that activates a broad range of expertise.

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Over the past 18 months most companies have come to realize that they have to rethink their operations, with a considerable emphasis on enhancing and raising the efficiency level of employees. The application of specific emerging technologies enabled companies to scale their operations, in direct proportion to increased demand, in a more productive and efficient manner.

The way we look at processes and their optimization also need to be revalued. It is time to optimize for automation. This does not mean simply throwing a bot at it, because a bot is only one component. A big part of hyper automation is process orchestration, which becomes the layer between the human element, data, systems and automated components (bots) – providing handover points, end-to-end process insights and an enhanced customer experience.

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Trusted insights

With the right data, you can make your sustainability objectives concrete, identify obstacles and determine the most effective ways to achieve your goals. An example? If, as a company, you want to limit your CO2 emissions, then you need to use science-based insights to know which reduction figure will really make a difference."

Relevant data can be found all over your organization: from the IT and marketing departments to customer service. Sometimes, those data are part of software programs on which you can perform relatively easy analyses, but data can also be built up from experience and expertise, or held by an external partner that may not be easily accessible.

Whichever kind of data you’re using, ensuring that your data sources are interconnected, with sound data governance and data management, is key to leveraging high quality data intelligence.

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Why trust matters

Trust in analytics is become a defining factor in an organization’s success. Here’s why.

  • Data-driven technologies can unlock market opportunities and create significant disruption for organizations and society as a whole.
  • As artificial intelligence sweeps through almost every industry, trusted analytics becomes a defining factor in an organization’s success or failure.
  • The trust gap grows. C-suite executives continue to question the trustworthiness of data and analytics and this trust gap doesn’t appear to be decreasing with experience or time.
  • As more and more decisions are driven by machines, businesses should implement tighter governance arrangements for analytics to maintain trust and leverage the full potential of data-driven technologies.
Elements of trust in analytics
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Our unique offering. Unlocking value.

It takes more than just technology to create sustainable value from data-driven technologies. Our business-first perspective combines highly specialized data capabilities with strong functional and sector expertise, and a proven organizational change management - all geared towards facilitating your business transformation.

  • Supporting the C-suite. With meaningful and full-scale transformation services powered by data-driven and AI-enabled solutions.
  • Taking a business-first perspective. Focused on solving complex business issues with analytics, rather than a technology-first approach.
  • Taking an ‘AI-now’ approach. Across the full spectrum of the value chain, creating analytics and automation solutions that transform business and operating models.
  • Leveraging deep industry and process knowledge. Understanding your business context, defining problems, articulating and building domain solutions and delivering holistic services.
  • Global scale, innovation and local partnerships. KPMG Lighthouse brings an international portfolio of data-driven capabilities and local eco-system of partnerships.
  • Creating a differentiated competitive advantage. By unlocking the value of your data and providing unique sources of external data.
  • Delivering trusted analytics solutions and services. So your leaders, internal and external stakeholders can rely on the analytics and trust that your data is safe.
  • Pragmatism with no shortcuts. We know the importance of having “done it before” with a successful and proven track record of delivering data and AI-driven transformation solutions in various industries.