For the Connected Enterprise, effectively executing on the customer strategy and brand promise means working in an agile, consistent and operationally efficient manner underpinned by advanced analytics.

Customers have higher expectations than ever before. With new startupsemerging to offer faster experiences and more innovative business models, it’s crucial for companies to adapt to the changing industry. With existing back-office systems that may not support a seamless experience, and employees that are used to working with those systems, transforming technology systems while ensuring a smooth cultural shift is crucial.

With the right enterprise decision analytics, operating models and procurement services, you can transform your organization’s processes, providing both an outstanding, seamless experience for the customer and reduced cost for your business.


Key considerations

  • Do you enable customers with an omni-channel experience?
  • Do your fulfilment and delivery options allow customers to select their optimal mix of speed, service and price?
  • Do you leverage Data & Analytics across the full value chain to drive enterprise improvement?
  • Are your global and local inventories aligned with a flexible, distributed order management system?


How can we help?

Providing enterprise decision analytics services which help guide enterprise efficiency, effectiveness and risk compliance.
Building digital operating models and value stream analyses which help optimize the improvements required to drive “inside out” operational efficiency.
Powering responsive operations, a suite of integrated services and solutions designed to improve procurement effectiveness and responsiveness.
Designing, automating and creating an efficient process.



Client story

Banking on better processes

When a global bank wanted to improve customer experience and reduce cost in their operational processes, a KPMG member was engaged to provide support and advice. KPMG professionals mapped their keyprocesses across six countries and worked with client teams to create a prioritized list of common improvement opportunities and outline business cases for implementation.

KPMG professionals helped the bank to pivot to a customer journey-led change model, led locally but with a global operating rhythm. This helped the bank rapidly improve customer experience across core journeys while reducing process variability and overall cost, with the approach taken forward into further waves of improvement.

We know how business works.