The Connected Enterprise has an agile organizational structure ready for anything, where teams embrace change and support the company in recruiting and attracting the right people at the right time.

Becoming a customer-centric business will impact all aspects of your organization, from creating your vision to mapping the customer journey and deciding on changes to your business operating model. Empowering employees will mean building capability frameworks and designing the right talent lifecycle, on top of running the hiring process.

With the right experiences and capabilities, you can attract and retain the kinds of people and skills you need for your business both now and in the future. You can bolster your teams with adaptable, innovative employees who will consistently move your company forward.


Key considerations

  • How do we foster an innovative, forward-looking culture?
  • How can we model and incentivize flexibility?
  • What skills and training do our employees need?
  • How can we attract and retain the right digital and entrepreneurial talent? 


How can we help?

Building a coherent, pragmatic, customer focused people strategy.

Achieving buy-in from key stakeholders and employees for the business transformation, and helping you to communicate the benefits.
Aligning processes such as recruitment and talent management to reflect your customer-centric goals.


Client story

Learning to make people better

A KPMG member firm led an international consortium of experts to create two of the largest and mostinnovative leadership development programs in the world, involving patients in the design and delivery ofcontent. This initiative is having clear and continuing impact on the quality of front-line patient care.

The complexities and dilemmas involved in the management of modern healthcare present some of the most difficult challenges facing our society. This project clearly illustrates what can be achieved by multi-disciplinary teams working together for a clear and shared purpose.

We deliver results that matter.