For the Connected Enterprise, experience is everything. Customers expect consistent, effortless experiences across industries and time after time. To ensure experiences that regularly meet and exceed customer expectations, you must be intentional. By designing and orchestrating seamless and personal customer, employee and partner experiences alike, you can improve your reputation with customers and build teams that understand your business’s overarching vision.

Developing experiences that incorporate CX economics, underpin your customer value proposition and nurture loyalty across all touch points, will help give your customers reasons to return.

Unlock opportunities for transformation, create and carry out a plan for change, and aim to continuously manage and optimize the experience for success.


Key considerations

  • Does your strategy cover all channels and touchpoints to ensure consistency across product, prices and promotions?
  • Do you approach customer experience design from both the inside-out and the outside-in?
  • Can you respond to rapidly evolving customer and marketplace dynamics?
  • Can you effectively design and deliver integrated interactions across both machine-based and human-driven touch points?
  • Do you continuously manage the economics of customer journey across product offerings, balancing both customer demands and the cost of delivery?
  • Do you measure customer interaction across different products, delivered across various channels, using multiple KPIs? 


How can we help?

Developing the best customer experience roadmap, assessing your existing technology and processes and how these reflect customer expectations.
Identifying what “good” looks like for your organization and building a framework that can help you deliver value to the business and the customer.
Collating data from multiple sources to identify customers’ needs and predicting how these might change.


Client story

Connecting an airport to deliver customer centricity

A KPMG member firm helped one of the world’s busiest airports to compete on customer experience. The KPMG team used innovative digital tools to design a broad-ranging outside-in view of the current physical and emotional customer experience and, through our creative innovation techniques, designed an entirely new business model that could help to enhance customer experience and generate additional revenues.

KPMG professionals helped the client offer benefits for their customers across the airport ecosystem, for example by reducing customer delays and inconvenience in the hire car returns process by incorporating laser scanning to check for damage. Similar improvements are being implemented across the airport.

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