Our independent, quality financial statement audits harness innovative technology to provide you with deeper insights and increased transparency.

One key aspect of the role of the independent auditor is to provide investors, creditors and other stakeholders with an independent view on an organization’s financial statements.

KPMG is committed to consistently delivering quality audits, enabled by the power of technology and the knowledge and expertise of our people. Together, these drivers allow us to respond with agility and engage meaningfully with all stakeholders. These are all elements that make KPMG a leader in advancing the future of audit.

At KPMG, in order to provide a qualitative independent opinion on financial statements, we combine our professional knowledge of audit principles with an awareness of the global business environment, industry value drivers and competitive positioning, and an understanding of your business, including the systems, processes, and controls that are key to the financial reporting process. To enhance our ability to challenge assumptions and provide deep insights, we have been investing in innovative technology, including data analytics, for quite a while now.

Our independent assurance and insight go beyond the audit opinion and strive to give you a greater understanding of your organization. Our objectivity aims to challenge you and help you identify emerging risks and develop workable solutions. Our professionals can help you extract value from the audit, effectively communicate with stakeholders, improve efficiency and resolve accounting issues in a timely and practical manner.

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