Accounting teams are under pressure from the changing business and financial environment, with evolving frameworks and increasing regulatory demands. In addition, while the focus may be on international accounting frameworks, for statutory purposes you are required to report under Belgian GAAP. Staying informed on Belgian GAAP and correctly applying the Belgian accounting requirements under these conditions can be a challenge.

Accounting requirements under IFRS and US GAAP are also increasingly complex. It’s becoming more difficult to assess the full financial reporting impact of certain transactions – such as business acquisitions and divestitures, leases, (reverse) factoring, hedging, and share-based payments – and the Belgian GAAP impact of such transactions and the link with taxation should also be carefully considered.

KPMG's Belgian GAAP Institute provides information and resources to give you the right insights to support your organization’s management on the application of Belgian GAAP. 


Our services


BE GAAP update sessions

Need help keeping up with the latest Belgian GAAP requirements or amendments? Throughout the year we organize Belgian GAAP & IFRS update sessions, in which we will look at the financial reporting implications resulting from new opinions and decisions issued by the Commission of Accounting Norms, changes in the accounting law and changes in the Belgian Companies and Associations code.

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Tailored in-house workshops

Is there a GAAP topic you’d like more specific information on? We organize tailored Belgian GAAP training sessions, in which we can clarify any of the Belgian GAAP requirements in half or full-day sessions. Together, we can develop a tailored training program, covering a range of topics. Start from the basics of Belgian GAAP, or stay in the loop with update sessions on the latest developments, as well as more advanced industry-specific topics covering the areas you consider to be most relevant to your business.

These workshops can be organized at your premises, at any one of our KPMG offices, or via a webinar on a date convenient to you. They can be conducted in English or in Dutch.

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Technical accounting assistance

We can offer technical accounting assistance and guidance – whether on an ad-hoc basis or through a recurring engagement – to help you:

  • draft a technical note on management’s position regarding a specific transaction or event;
  • better understand how to account for a transaction under Belgian GAAP;
  • clarify differences with IFRS;
  • assess the possible accounting impact of a future transaction, event, or potential contract – so that you can make an informed decision; and write an accounting manual or validate an existing one.