KPMG's IFRS Institute in Belgium leverages the firm’s global mindset to provide information and resources to help management gain insight and access to the international financial reporting framework.

By combining a multi-disciplinary approach with extensive knowledge in various industries, KPMG’s IFRS Institute can assist companies in Belgium and internationally in understanding and applying IFRS to their specific circumstances.

The information on this site will interest any organization reporting under IFRS, or in the process of converting to IFRS.

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Our services

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IFRS update sessions

Have you missed a release of a new IFRS standard or amendment? We can help you keep up with the latest developments. Throughout the year we organize IFRS update sessions during which you will be informed of the financial reporting implications resulting from new IFRS standards, amendments and exposure drafts. 

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Tailored in-house IFRS update workshops

Your specific needs and interests are important to us. Therefore, we can organize tailored IFRS training sessions in which we clarify any of the IFRS standards in half or full-day sessions. Together we will develop a tailored training program from basic topics to IFRS update sessions and more advanced or industry-specific topics covering aspects you consider to be most relevant to your business.

These workshops can be organized at your premises, at any one of our KPMG offices or via a webinar on a convenient date. They can be conducted in English or in Dutch. 

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Technical accounting assistance

We can support you – whether on an ad-hoc basis or through a recurring engagement – in addressing your technical accounting assistance needs, including:

  • Drafting a technical note on managements’ position in relation to a specific transaction or event under IFRS;
  • Assessing the possible accounting impact of a future transaction, event, potential contract, etc. in order to make an informed decision
  • Accounting for a transaction under IFRS; and
  • Writing or validating an accounting manual. 
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Financial reporting

Are you missing the in-house knowledge or time to prepare your IFRS financial statements? Together we will determine the extent of our involvement to ensure that your IFRS financial statements are compliant. This can be as a one-off engagement or on a recurring basis.

We can also assess the disclosure changes as a result of new IFRS standards, amendments to IFRS or IFRIC interpretations or as a result of a change in your business activities.

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IFRS conversion

Are you applying IFRS for the first time? Our experts can help you ensure compliance with existing and future IFRS standards.

Our services range from performing an initial GAP analysis and impact assessment on accounting to providing assistance in drafting accounting principles and IFRS financial statements.

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Financial Reporting & Accounting Services

Our CFO Advisory team can also support you in other ways with their Financial Reporting & Accounting Services. Visit their page or contact us to learn more. 

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New IFRS standards: Are you ready?

The tool will give you a list of standards that you’ll have to apply for the first time in your next financial statements, and those that are available for early adoption. Your results will include a timeline so that you can see at a glance what has to be applied now and what’s coming up in the future.