In today’s digital world, our lives are enriched by increasingly connected and shared experiences. Now, the audit is too – introducing KPMG Clara.

KPMG Clara is our next generation audit platform, designed to facilitate a higher quality audit with more seamless and transparent interactions between you and your engagement team. This secure online platform offers a centralized portal that serves as a single source for the exchange of information.







Throughout your audit, you will have access to KPMG Clara – enabling us to communicate and share data, insights and status updates. High-priority audit topics can easily be monitored by your team, as they progress to resolution. KPMG Clara can also unleash the potential of your data by helping you see meaningful patterns across your business at a deeper level than before.

Your audit will benefit from our alliances with leading technology companies – IBM Watson and Microsoft – working to ensure our technology and capabilities are second to none. No additional software is required; your teams will be able to access the site online and in a secure environment.

The net result is enhanced quality and greater interaction throughout the audit with your engagement teams – including more targeted and meaningful conversations about specific findings, risks, and insights.

Greater transparency, with 24/7 access to your audit status
Value from our transformative capabilities
Globally consistent execution
Real-time collaboration and interaction with your engagement team
Insights-driven and efficient operations
More meaningful engagement with your audit team
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Reimagining the audit experience

Automated, agile, intelligent and scalable – KPMG Clara allows our people to work smarter, bringing all of our powerful data and analytic capabilities into one interface. It will allow you to interact with us online, on a real-time basis, bringing you greater and more relevant insights. It is part of our commitment to maintaining and enhancing audit quality.

The benefits of KPMG Clara include:

  • Audit transparency. Alerts, dashboards and critical matter resolution
  • Information sharing. Digital platform to facilitate data supply chain to drive accountability
  • Operational effectiveness. Tech-enabled project management and workflow to reduce audit support burden
  • Maximize investments in data and technology. Understand your system structure and work with your IT team to extract necessary data to support testing and provide insight

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Data analytics

Powerful data analytics is at the core of our audit. It is fully embedded from start to finish. KPMG Clara allows us to perform globally-consistent data analytics procedures across your business and deliver deep insights. Our strategic alliances with Microsoft and IBM Watson together with KPMG Lighthouse enable us to adopt the latest technologies in our audit, including predictive analytics on the general ledger and the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).