KPMG professionals offer a comprehensive suite of city services and can assist clients with projects of all levels of depth and complexity.

KPMG professionals offer a comprehensive suite of city services.

Together with KPMG’s global network of member firms, the global Cities practice provides integrated services for cities around the world.

Our professionals help city leaders build and maintain sustainable cities through the following services:

Effective Governance:

KPMG professionals work with cities to optimize their internal structure, during their development and/or in response to changes in mandates or reorganization, in order to effectively govern their organization.

City Master Planning:

KPMG professionals support the development of a city’s long-term, multi-dimensional strategic plans that combine traditional urban planning with program areas such as transportation, safety, health and the environment. These strategies are critical to the overall sustainability of a city and are drivers of the financial, environmental, asset lifecycle and social sustainability future of modern cities. Working hand-in-hand with the Global Infrastructure practice and other Global Centers of Excellence, we help guide all stages of planning, from goal-setting through to implementation and evaluation.

Economic and Financial Modeling:

Our finance and economic experts offer a unique economic, financial and tax modeling capability that examines a variety of means of managing a city’s finances in order to determine the best approach to optimize a city’s revenue potential. This analytic modeling service can also project service costs, provide property tax options, and adjust the forecasts based on growth projections.


KPMG advisors support clients as they cope with a myriad of disastrous events through a unique risk resilience capability that assesses a city’s risk profile and determines their ability to prevent, respond to and recover from crises and disasters, both natural and man-made. We recognize the broader impact that socio-economic factors such as poverty, extreme unemployment and crime have on the resilience of a city and partner with the Human & Social Services and Justice & Security Global Centers of Excellence to assist in these critical areas.

Project Support:

KPMG member firms help cities manage large, complex projects by providing the right analysis to support decisions and lead projects. We support the full life cycle of projects, including development, approval, prioritization and evaluation, and provide contract preparation, monitoring and oversight services. KPMG professionals also serve as trusted advisors in the establishment of public-private partnerships arrangements, helping clients maximize the potential for success while minimizing risk.

Executive Counsel:

Our experienced practitioners are industry leaders (many of whom have held senior roles in government and in particular, at the municipal level) and serve as trusted advisors to senior municipal leaders and executives. Our experts provide strategic coaching, mentorship and impartial advice.

Service Reviews:

With a deep understanding of city administration, KPMG member firms help cities develop appropriate program goals and service objectives to address public needs, while addressing the challenge of shrinking revenue sources and increasing costs. Our comprehensive service reviews enable city clients to increase efficiency without compromising service effectiveness. Access the report.

ICT Innovation:

KPMG member firms help cities incorporate information and communications technology (ICT) throughout their organizations in order to improve the efficiency of back-office functions and service delivery. Our teams help cities develop performance dashboards, turning large amounts of data (‘big data’) into a meaningful decision-making tool, and also offer assessment and implementation guidance, thus enabling clients to realize Open Government opportunities. Access the report.

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