Private Equity

Private Equity

At KPMG, we recognize that private equity is not just about the transaction but also about a continuous cycle of fundraising & portfolio management.

At KPMG, we recognize that private equity is not just about the transaction but also...

The global private equity sector is constantly facing new demands and evolving challenges. The fundraising environment is proving especially tough as some investors adopt a more cautious approach to the asset class as a result of decreased returns during the global financial crisis. Investors are now seeking improved returns for lower fees, and greater transparency.

Although the post-crisis economic recovery has been slow in most developed markets, the private equity sector appears in a state of cautious optimism as banking markets continue to recover. However, high prices for quality assets and a likely low-growth economic environment in the medium term in most developed markets will require General Partners to work harder and smarter to add value to their portfolios. This will require better operational understanding of targets pre-acquisition and likely more value enhancing intervention during ownership. Advisers will therefore need to have deep insight into the relevant business sectors and understand companies thoroughly from an operational and strategic perspective. In a challenging business climate, clarity is essential and we can provide it.

KPMG was the first accountancy organization to have a dedicated multi-disciplinary private equity group. Our professionals, leveraging global expertise from other areas of the firm, are ideally placed to help funds to address the challenges of these more benign market conditions, exploit opportunities in high-growth developing markets and ultimately add value for your investors.


  • Health Investor Awards 2012 - Transactional consultants of the year
  • DealMakers Global Awards 2012 - Private Equity advisory firm of the year
  • European M&A Awards 2011 - Accountancy firm of the year
  • Awards for Excellence in Private Equity Advisory Services 2010 - Commercial and market due diligence team of the year

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