Adoption of Cryptoassets will transform banking

How banks compete in the digital world has forever changed due to growing market acceptance of cryptoassets, the rapid advancement of cryptocurrency technology, and the at-scale participation of financial institutions in the crypto market.

Case in point: Institutional cryptoasset adoption is driving innovation in core banking products and services across custody, brokerage, trade clearing, settlement, payments, lending, and more. At the same time, a new operational infrastructure for banking is emerging, which has set the foundation for resilience and growth in a fast-changing industry.

This paper aims to help business and technology leaders in the banking industry capitalize on opportunities in the growing crypto market by evolving operations and delivering new crypto services and solutions that are trusted, transparent, and auditable. We explore three high-potential, innovative crypto applications and the key technical and operational building blocks that underlie a successful crypto infrastructure for today's leading banking institutions.

We also identify the seven key pieces that should constitute a bank's operational infrastructure in order to deliver innovative and competitive cryptobased services. We believe evolving capabilities and business models in the key areas where crypto activities touch current operations will help banks seize the most promising digital services business opportunities in the expanding crypto market.

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