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U.S. CEOs have built strong foundations for their companies to emerge from the pandemic stronger than before. To make sure that their efforts and hard work continue to have an impact, CEOs will need to stay personally focused on technology, workforce and culture.


The pandemic-triggered move to digitization has accelerated, putting many companies

years ahead of where they expected to be earlier this year. The key moving forward will be

to make sure that the benefits of these accelerations remain permanent. This will require

understanding the end goals of digital transformation, effective change management and a

disciplined approach to project implementation.


COVID-19 has put an enormous stress on the workforce. Under these difficult conditions,

companies need to care for and nurture talent by developing policies that support their

people, such as flexible work arrangements, and by supplying technology solutions that

allow employees to connect with one another. As we move forward, employees are

increasingly going to expect to know what’s happening at their firms and be in regular

communication with their CEO.

Culture and purpose

Despite the anxiety and stressful conditions confronting organizations, CEOs need to

ensure that during this difficult time they stick to their organizations’ values and purpose.

How honorably companies navigate their business through this pandemic will be etched

into the minds of their employees, clients, communities and shareholders. The culture CEOs

build now will determine the strength of their brand in the future.