We are a market leader in Programme Advisory and Capital Delivery Excellence – transforming our clients’ delivery capability and partnering with them to deliver their complex projects and programmes in multiple domains (Central Government, Energy, Transport, Defence, Financial Services, Healthcare, Water, Retail) in both the public and private sectors.

We help our clients address the following market challenges with innovative thinking, digital solutions, optimised delivery models and improved ways of working to deliver capital projects and programmes efficiently and effectively:

  • Efficiency – there is pressure to evidence 10-30% efficiency to regulators and shareholders
  • Affordability – inflation is impacting cost bases, challenging original cost envelopes
  • Upscaling – the worldwide infrastructure pipeline is increasing, putting organisations under increased pressure to upgrade their operation Skills gaps – there is a growing skills gap, due to increasing demand in delivery
  • Project overruns - projects and programmes are not meeting cost and schedule targets
  • Digital transformation - expensive large-scale digital transformations only address long-term goals but do not realise short- or medium-term benefits
  • Digital adoption – slow adoption of digital solutions and continued, spreadsheet based, manual ways of working
  • Sustainability – sustainability and carbon reduction targets and not being measured and met

How can we help?

We give our clients the insights to rapidly unlock value, using a combination of proven frameworks and methodologies that target the full P3M operating model – Organisation, Process, People, Tech and Data across four service areas.

Value Creation Assessment

With our rapid assessment, we help clients identify, unlock and create value. Our data-driven assessment evaluate maturity, diagnose capabilities and identify opportunities for efficiency and enhancement. Our proprietary approach considers multiples lenses (Process, People, Systems, Environment and Regulation, Culture and Behaviours) and incorporates interplay between the business, its culture and operating practices giving deep insight into operational effectiveness, including what should be retained, discarded, or enhanced.

The outcome of our assessment is a tangible set of quantified improvements, with quick wins that can be deployed immediately to make an impact to any organisation. We use the assessment to define the future state, collaborate on the case for change, and get board level and organisation wide stakeholder buy-in.

Capital Delivery Transformation

We transform project and programme delivery, using holistic design and implementation across the full operating model – we optimise processes, eliminate waste, remove bureaucracy, digitise ways of working, streamline the organisation, and enhance/create robust capabilities. We design, roll-out and embed lasting change to organisations with a carefully designed change management approach, helping our clients to evolve their P3M delivery to meet the market challenges and do more with less – delivering faster, cheaper, greener and better.

Our Capital Delivery Transformation Framework hosts a suite of practical, innovative thinking and solutions that have been developed to target the full P3M operating model – organisation, governance, assurance, processes, supply chain, digital, data, cost management, people and capability.

Strategic Delivery Partner

We support our clients to deliver the largest and most complex programmes and projects. We play multiple roles utilising our bespoke frameworks – helping our clients organise, govern, procure, secure funding and more. This support can be mobilised quickly and covers all facets of project and programme delivery, including a digital PMO, human-centred services, delivery and procurement strategy, programme business case, target operating model and end-to-end delivery expertise to deliver against project goals.

Our Strategic Delivery Partner framework is a complete strategic delivery system, methodically designed and optimised. We utilise a connected structure of best practise, innovation and cutting edge thinking to support our clients to deliver desired outcomes of their most complex work.

Enterprise Controls

We help clients establish proportionate controls across the full P3M operating model. We focus on P3M management and optimisation through four collaboratively designed mechanisms, strategic alignment, process & policy, management information, and delivery execution. We maximise data driven insights, management by exception, effective risk management and informed decision making. This is underpinned by an integrated controls approach to project and programme management and addresses crucial behavioural and cultural aspects required to enable effective enterprise controls.

Our Enterprise Controls frameworks help clients create the line of sight from strategic objectives to projects, select and prioritise most valuable outcomes, gain visibility into projects progress, earned value and tracks against baseline (time, cost, benefits), manage resource bottlenecks, unnecessary spending and missed return on investment opportunities.

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