Infrastructure and government clients are being challenged to do far more, and often for less. Service providers are asked to offer customers and service users new and better solutions, improve performance, streamline operations, offer improved value for money, collaborate better with partners and deliver on social, environmental and wider economic objectives.

With these strategic challenges at the forefront of infrastructure delivery today, public and private sector organisations are asking themselves:

  • How do we set up a new programme to achieve the agreed targets and desired outcomes?

  • Are we set up optimally to deliver, now or for the future? How can we adapt and transform ourselves to be more effective, efficient and to deliver better results?

  • How do we work better with our partners, including our supply chain? How can we be an intelligent client?

Who we help

  • Central government

  • Local government

  • Capital programmes

  • Power & Utilities

  • Transport

  • Nuclear

  • Defence

What we do

We work with clients to help solve some of their most complex strategic challenges – from inception to implementation. These challenges include:

  • Designing, transforming and implementing industry-wide models that bring together the public and private sectors to deliver in better ways for customers and taxpayers

  • Assessing and transforming an organisation and / or its business functions ahead of a new regulatory period, or as the result of a new government policy or customer strategy

  • Setting up new and transforming live capital programme organisations and governance models to support delivery of government priorities

  • Supporting capital programmes and organisations to establish collaborative relationships with their supply chains to maximise the value of their spend

What makes us different is that we offer a bespoke approach to developing solutions to unique problems, in complex stakeholder environments and usually under government or regulatory rules. We support our clients to deliver non-financial as well as financial benefits and we scale our work to meet the needs of our clients – sometimes working at a business function level and other times working across an industry.

Whatever your infrastructure, capital or service delivery project challenge or objectives, we can help.

Our Contacts