Most organisations understand the importance of data to their performance, but it is often dispersed across different systems, geographic regions and processes. The problem of finding the right data across a large organisation can be daunting. Converting your data into an asset to extract value from is an enterprise-wide job.

In order to be successful, your data strategy team should:

  • Manage data from the point it is created through to where it is commercialised
  • Lead cultural change across the enterprise so leaders and managers are not just “data aware”, but “data driven” 
  • Focus on data value – from identification to realisation

We combine our industry knowledge with our data strategy expertise to harness the power of data. We work with the largest global organisations to tackle critical issues using data. This includes competing for revenues in challenging markets, addressing cost pressures and managing risk.

Our solutions for data strategy

Data strategy vision

Data strategy is the vision that supports an organisation’s ability to manage and exploit data. It creates a direct link between strategic goals and data assets. It also provides an umbrella for all domain-specific strategies, such as analytics, big data and data governance. KPMG helps you define, execute and sustain your data strategy and encourages collaboration between the business and IT.

Driving data value

Unlocking the value within ever-growing volumes of data is key to competitive advantage. The value of data is derived from the insight it can provide, enabling organisations to make better decisions. KPMG helps you identify opportunities for maximising data value through developing use-case specific, AI-enabled analytic applications and driving organisational transformation.

Data asset management

To get value from your data it should be high quality and readily accessible in the right format. KPMG can help establish processes around the way you manage your data throughout its lifecycle to ensure your data assets are accessible and analytics ready.

With the right data ready to access, our Enterprise Performance Management team can help drive even more value for your business.

Insights into data and analytics