As businesses face into the new reality, the traditional sales function meets its biggest challenge yet.

Traditionally organised around internal business objectives, institutional knowledge of markets and customers and incentive programmes. It’s a sales model predicted on a passive customer. 

Today’s New Customer — whether B2B, B2B2C or B2C — is anything but passive. They have less to spend and show unfamilar patterns of demand. They are increasingly digital and want seamless interactions. Their values have also evolved; they prefer brands that put integrity and purpose before profit.

These fundamental shifts mean your business can no longer rely on the old assumptions and ways of doing things. Instead, you need a new approach to sales and customer relationship management.

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Using insight to maximise sales and deliver value

Knowing what to sell, who to sell it to and how to sell requires a shift in your sales strategies and models. This is key to ultimately influencing the New Customer. To this end, we help you make sense of shifting trends, behaviours, loyalty and promotions. We make sure you are better positioned to add value for your customer.

Transfoming your sales operating model

We advise you on the best contact strategies to create personalised experiences for customers. These customers will in turn take your brand to more people. With an improved Net Promoter Score (NPS), you can reduce costs-to-sell and increase customer acquisition. This, in turn, can give a boost to your sales revenue.

Connecting marketing, sales and service

Sales can no longer work in a silo. To succeed, it must align across the business and most importantly, with marketing and service functions. We consult you on using collaboration technology, knowledge management tools and analytics capabilties to make this possible. With our alliance partnerships with Microsoft and Salesforce, we can help your business drive sales and customer relationship effectiveness.

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