The Connected Future for Healthcare

Dynamic progress for better patient outcomes

The future of healthcare is one where people and technology interact for new levels of productivity, improved experiences, and more value at every stage of the health and care journey.

The challenges for the sector are many – from workforce, optimising performance, governance and dated delivery models. To address this, one thing is for certain: different outcomes won’t be achieved by continuing to do more of the same. The service needs to find new pathways to better outcomes for patients and the workforce.

A fundamental change in course lies ahead for health and care organisations – to realise the preferred inclusive future where technology enables the workforce to better engage with patients and empowers the community.

Healthcare statistics

Source: KPMG 2021 Healthcare CEO Future Pulse report, page 13

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Connected Healthcare from KPMG

This is our proven approach to helping health and care organisations put patients at the centre of digital transformation, through an insight-led, patient-centric approach.

Our research shows health and care organisations can unlock value for patients and clinicians through investments in data and insights. Therefore, Connected Healthcare aligns every critical process, function, and relationship of your healthcare eco-system to meet patient expectations, maximise value and drive sustainable delivery against every need in a digital world.

Make powerful progress to future proof your health and care organisation.

What does a connected future look like for healthcare?

How can you drive better decision making?​

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Insight-driven strategies and actions

Multi-dimensional view of the patient that is enabled through a robust governance structure, to inform a strategy that is personalised.

73% of healthcare organisations are making moderate to significant investment in data and analytics.

How do you meet the expectations for patient experience?​

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Patient centricity by design​

Creating the right ecosystem for care delivery by engaging the patient in shared decision making for a patient-centric strategy.

Only 26% of healthcare organisations experience centricity is average or above.

How do you achieve streamlined supply chain operations?​

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Innovative services

Evidence-based, innovative services that responds to the needs of the population for improved health outcomes.

73% of facilities to invest in responsive operations and supply-chain.

How to provide a seamless omnichannel experience?​

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Seamless interactions

The ability to interact and transact with patients through channels that are trusted, personalised and integrated.

How can you meet demand in a cost-effective and efficient way?​

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Responsive supply-chain and operations

Effectively execute on clinical and patient needs in an agile, demand-driven and operationally efficient manner.

How can you build a workforce that is empowered and engaged?​

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Aligned and empowered workforce

Create a patient-centric organisation through a workforce strategy that is agile and supports ongoing sills development.

How do you build a technology infrastructure that is trusted by all users?​

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Digitally-enabled technology architecture

Architect and engineer intelligent digital services that enable patients, staff, and partners to interact seamlessly with the system to support core clinical and organisational goals.

How can you engage the entire health and care ecosystem to improve patient outcomes?

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Integrated partner and alliance ecosystem

Effectively identify, integrate and manage third-parties to increase speed to market, reduce costs and mitigate risk, ultimately delivering on the patient promise.

What are the 8 Connected Healthcare capabilities?

Eight capabilities, for twice the impact

The most successful organisations invest in eight capabilities which span all areas of the customer experience. This ensures a connected organisation that goes beyond cross-channel interactions.

Those that invest in all eight capabilities are twice as likely to meet customer expectations, achieve objectives and deliver return on investment.

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