Transfer pricing compliance has never been more important or complex than it is today.

So as a tax leader, how can you ensure that you have a clearly defined strategy and be confident that you will meet your compliance requirements?

Erica Perry, UK Head of Transfer Pricing, is joined by KPMG’s transfer pricing compliance leaders to discuss how to harness people, processes and technology to deliver on compliance requirements.

People – Partnering with dedicated transfer pricing compliance specialists to help you navigate the multiple requirements out there and ensuring the highest quality across the board.

Process – Tax leaders should design processes that are appropriate to their organisation  and that will meet the transfer pricing compliance ask, with greater internal efficiencies, ability to manage risks effectively and receive valuable insights.

Technology – From data collection, workflow management and deadline tracking to automated preparation and robust repository of our data – using the latest, leading technology can ensure tax leaders have the most confidence in their organisation’s compliance.