With the soaring energy bills resulting in significant government intervention to protect energy consumers ahead of the coming winter, energy and utilities companies find themselves at the centre of the cost-of-living crisis and debate about ‘excess’ profits and windfall taxes.

In the water sector, we have had drought conditions over the summer months, plus ongoing rows about losses due to leaky pipes and excess sewage discharges into rivers and at the coast.

Many companies across the sector have been investing in new products and services to engage with customers better and improve the overall internal and external customer experience. Their efforts, however, have been hindered both by the macro environment as well as the constant pressure to reduce costs, driven by stiff competition and regulatory pressure.

Against this backdrop, the need to differentiate against competitors, while continuing to build an enduring competitive bulwark to attract, retain and delight customers has become not only a commercial imperative but an existential requirement.

Through being Trusted, Connected and Powered, our team of Customer consulting specialists can help you navigate through the challenges and grow, despite the economic headwinds. We will help you drive greater customer satisfaction and build sustainable and profitable businesses.

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