Adapt to thrive. Finance cannot afford to spend valuable time focusing on transactions, processing and reporting. Today, regulators, boards, commercial functions and external stakeholders expect finance to be a true business partner. Why? Because finance is in a unique position to provide the insights needed to drive real-time decision making and elevate business performance.

CFOs can clearly see how disruption, be it social, environmental, technological or political, affects the entire enterprise. They are also perfectly placed to see how disruption can spell opportunity for businesses with the agility to act fast.

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How are CFOs turning disruption into opportunity?

In two pages, we summarise the strategy.

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Six areas finance needs to address

If finance is to deliver the value demanded by the modern enterprise, it needs to address six aspects of its performance.

Strategy and value

Embrace the strategic role of finance to balance short-term gains with long-term value creation.

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Extreme automation

Use advanced technology to increase process automation, drive quality, reduce risk and reveal insights that help you make business decisions.

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Data, analytics and insights

Base your decision-making on accurate insights and predictive analytics by integrating your internal data sets with external signals.

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Modern workforce

Take on the responsibilities of modern finance and identify key skills and competencies. Attracting the right talent calls for new, more flexible strategies.

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Organisational agility

Start thriving in ‘the new reality’ of a disrupted finance model and keep up with evolving service catalogue and capabilities.

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Risk and compliance

Innovate finance by embracing technology to increase your effectiveness in managing risk to drive organisational value

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