Just about every crime today has a digital aspect; it is either committed or recorded digitally. As a result, we have seen an active push towards data-led policing. The approach needs to deliver on changing public expectations and the changing nature of crime.

At the same time, finances remain tight and any investment in new services and capabilities needs to have a clear benefits case. Forces need to respond to these challenges whilst still dealing with the problems of everyday policing. Demands are growing and becoming more complex. We design our approach and services to increase capacity of frontline resources to focus on the things that matter, protecting the public and keeping people safe.

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We have worked with most UK police services and law enforcement agencies across all regions. Using the right tools, police personnel can access the correct data to make the best possible decisions. We have worked to deliver better performance and increased efficiency in all areas of policing – from control rooms to Counter Terrorism. Our teams ultimately help police forces develop critical skills to sustain these changes in the future.

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Technology is at the heart of everything we do. Here are some areas we work on to help law enforcement agencies function better

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