Navigating your transformation journey

Companies need to orchestrate an ever-evolving set of initiatives to reshape the enterprise. Transformation is no longer a choice for businesses. It is a necessity. To keep up with rapid changes in their markets with new ways of doing business, cost pressures, and to create new paths for growth, companies in the energy sector are transforming.

Our mission is to create value for you. We strive to balance the hard edge of financial performance and investment returns with risk and innovation. We believe that because markets and sectors are in constant motion, the understanding of the dynamics between value creation and protection, and the parameters of innovation constantly need to be refreshed.

We help you and your teams change, grow, adapt, shape and respond to disruptive forces. We support you in defining your ambition and developing innovative strategies to become an integrated energy company. We bring together agility, customer-centricity and operational excellence needed to thrive in dynamic markets and to reimagine energy for people and planet.

Further, we work shoulder to shoulder with you through implementation. We help you deliver targeted results by accelerating momentum, locking down value and de-risking both decisions and actions.

What makes our approach different?

Powered Enterprise includes KPMG’s Target Operating Model, Powered Technology and Powered Evolution. Together they can make your business more responsive, resilient, and competitive—and bring the future within reach, today.

The Target Operating Model helps you establish the design for what your function should look like across processes, people, the service delivery model, technology, performance insights and data, and governance. Through Powered Technology, we work with the world’s leading SaaS companies, to implement pre-built tools and methods that reflect leading practice and incorporate AI and advanced automation to simplify functional transformation.

Powered Evolution is how we continue to support our clients after the initial transformation program is complete. An important characteristic of the cloud or subscription technology is that it’s constantly changing. When new features are delivered by the vendor, or there are changes to an organization, we help to make those changes so that their operating model is up to date.

We also combine deep expertise in technology and process, with our capability in finance, tax, legal, regulation and control. This means we can help you design programmes which confidently manage these risks.

Ours is a people-first approach, as we firmly believe that foremost determinant of success of any enterprise-wide transformation is the support and buy-in from the people who are impacted.

Our global network of strategy professionals provides specialist support, ideas and in-sector, cross-sector, cross-border insights. We draw on KPMG’s broad industry experience across large-scale transformation, change management, mergers and acquisitions, corporate and finance restructuring, tax structuring and risk management situations.

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