At KPMG we help power and utilities companies respond and adapt to challenge. The ongoing energy transition, new technologies, regulatory pressures and changing consumer expectations has created a difficult environment. We expect permanent changes to work, travel, and patterns of energy demand, a need for smarter energy systems and new business models.

We work with water, power generation, transmission and distribution businesses. We help them to reduce operating costs, comply with regulation, implement new technology, and develop customer strategies. Our experience can help you shape your business model for the new energy world.

Latest edition: Plugged In Magazine


This edition of Plugged In Magazine examines a variety of ways in which energy companies can participate in efforts to slow climate change.

This can include decarbonizing their assets and extending this to their customers and society at large, such as investing in new energy technologies and working with companies and communities that have set ambitious carbon reduction targets.

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Our solutions


We collaborate with power and utilities organisations of all shapes and sizes across a broad range of tax solutions. Whether that’s to get ahead of complex compliance requirements, drive process and cash efficiencies, or rethink the way your in-house functions operate to drive better value – we’ve got you covered. 

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Cyber security

We work in collaboration with power and utilities to put in place robust strategies, organisational transformation initiatives, cyber defences and cyber response capabilities. And our cyber security professionals don’t just recommend solutions, they’re there to help you implement them.

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Customer consulting

Our team of Customer Consulting specialists can help you to understand the changing customer shifts that are emerging and how your business will need to evolve to deliver a customer-centric experience that is more connected, digital and efficient than ever before.

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Powered enterprise – business transformation

Benefit from better performance and improved processes using our experience working with some of the biggest organisations and our knowledge of the latest cloud technology. We can help make your business functions relevant, agile and responsive.

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KPMG managed services

KPMG Managed Services brings the best of KPMG. Our specialist outsourcing offering can transform your operational process. We combine technology, tools, and expertise to solve client issues in regulated and non-regulated remediation, Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and complaints handling.

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