• Kashif Javed, Partner |
  • Damon Lambert, Partner |
  • Catherine McIsaac, Director |
1 min read

BEPS 2.0 is more than a regulatory obligation: it’s a ground-breaking change leading tax functions towards transformation. So, what should tax leaders in the financial services sector be doing now to prepare? And where should they aim to be by the end of the year?

In this video, Soula Demetriou, Partner, Tax is joined by Mark Semple, Partner, Tax, Damon Lambert, Partner, Tax Insurance, and Catherine McIsaac, Director, Tax, to discuss the current state of play for BEPS 2.0 in the context of financial services and the challenges and opportunities facing tax leaders in this sector.

KPMG’s professionals are at the forefront of helping organisations to prepare for BEPS 2.0, so if you’d like to discuss how to unpick BEPS’ impact on your tax function; formulate the right strategic response; and plan your implementation roadmap, get in touch with your KPMG representative or one of the contacts listed.

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