We can help you run a stress test on your company's compliance with tax laws before the Ukrainian tax authorities visit you to conduct an audit.

In addition to identifying tax risks and ways to proactively manage them, tax diagnostics help you assess your level of compliance with tax laws and identify opportunities for improving tax efficiency.

Who can benefit from tax diagnostics

  • companies included in the audit schedule
  • companies undergoing management changes (accountant, director, financial director, etc.)
  • newly established companies
  • companies that often receive inquiries from tax authorities
  • companies where criminal cases have been initiated against suppliers/buyers 

Types of tax diagnostics

  • Tax due diligence: a review of all the company's transactions for a certain period for their compliance with tax legislation.
  • Spot checks: tax audits of the company's business activities based on a previously determined level of materiality
  • Diagnostics of individual transactions: review of documentation, accounting practices, and your approach to recognising individual transactions for tax purposes as requested by the company

Tax diagnostics may take the following forms:

  • Analysis of individual transactions and groups of transactions that shape your company's core business.
  • Identification and assessment of potential tax risks and their implications
  • Advising on ways to resolve identified risks
  • Analysis of future risks in the event of changes in business line, expansion of activities, or in case of new transactions
  • Identification of, and advising on, potential means of improving tax efficiency
  • Advising on current issues in the taxation area
  • Assistance in communicating with the tax authorities on identified tax risks and other issues (if required)