Tax audits

In the event of a dispute with the tax authorities, managing risk means successfully protecting your business from the moment you respond to that request for tax information, up to the first and last day of the tax audit and beyond; including compliance or successfully appealing the accuracy of any unreasonable outcomes.

The lawyers at KPMG's Tax Dispute Resolution practice in Ukraine can provide direct qualified practical assistance to businesses at your company's premises or via remote advice to your offices anywhere in the world, supporting you through every stage of a tax audit to ensure strict compliance with regulatory authorities’ legal requirements.

Administrative appeal

If the tax authorities unreasonably claim to have found violations following an audit, the KPMG team can assist you in preparing objections to their tax audit report, negotiating with the tax authorities, and preparing arguments to help resolve the situation. If necessary, KPMG Law Ukraine supports clients by participating in telephone conversations or personal meetings with tax authority representatives, presenting your case for closer consideration.

Tax Litigation

The KPMG team has extensive and successful experience in representing clients in tax disputes at the pre-trial and court stages, including in the highest courts.

Our approach to tax dispute resolution is based on implementing progressive strategies to comprehensively analyse legislation and its practical application, achieving the best economic effect for our clients. We also have a proven track record of managing complex and precedent-setting disputes for which there is no established court practice.

Our portfolio of tax dispute resolution clients includes companies representing industries like pharmaceuticals, mining, agribusiness, telecommunications, media, clothing and footwear manufacturers, banks and financial institutions, IT companies, and more.


  • Preparing responses to tax authority inquiries
  • Analysing the legitimacy of tax audits and possible options for action
  • Support in tax audits, including: communicating with tax inspectors, responding to inquiries, analysing risks and ways to minimise them
  • Appealing the results of tax audits at the pre-trial stage
  • Support in judicial appeals against tax notices, decisions, orders, actions or inactions of tax authorities, tax consultations, and refund of overpaid taxes
  • Diagnostics (analysis) of your company's tax dispute, as well as recommendations on weak and strong arguments and strengthening your legal position
  • Support in the enforcement of a court decision