What are the hallmarks of the modern market? Boundaries between various sectors are blurring, new technologies and products appear, consumers change preferences as soon as a new smartphone appears.

On the one hand, this compels companies to be more flexible, revise their business strategies, business portfolios, brands, target markets and audience, as well as their management structure, more often than ever. On the other hand, those companies which have a clear strategy, forecast changes in the market with multiple scenarios in mind, and take due account of strategic risks in the rapidly changing markets, turn to be much more successful than their competitors. 

KPMG helps commercial, non-profit and government-owned organizations identify root problems in their business, define key strategic risks and opportunities, develop strategies that will not only help them successfully cope with all market challenges, but also grow in an effective and sustainable manner.

Our strategy consulting services

We go together with our clients all the way through the entire cycle from the development of a strategy to the support of all subsequent changes that need to be made in the organization to achieve the result they strive for. Our work is not limited to presentations, we consistently improve the efficiency of governance together with the organization’s management and shareholders’ representatives. We begin our work with clear goal setting and recognition of problems; thereafter, we proceed with forecasting of markets, competition analysis and change in the governance model; building portfolio approach to business and project management; client segmentation and developing value propositions for each segment; and developing a product portfolio. Finally, we change the KPI system, implement best practices in monitoring of achievement of the expected business result, change the incentives system, and create the project office.

To support such comprehensive business value growth programs, we involve specialized KPMG practices, thus making sure that our client will be provided with the complete range of services and experience it needs and with well-coordinated work for the benefit of CEO and shareholders. 

Our key areas of focus:

  • Development, updating and implementing of:
    •    Corporate strategies
    •    Business strategies
    •    Function strategies
    •    Regional strategies
    •    Industry strategies
    •    Digital transformation strategies
  • Comprehensive business value growth programs
  • Business model and product portfolio transformation
  • New market entry support 
  • Governance model transformation
  • Holding strategic sessions 
  • Customer advisory

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