To be successful, it is necessary to change the way people are led, managed and developed through large scale, complex, transformational change programs.

Today’s HR function also has the potential to enable a profound transformation, challenged as never before to convert the full potential of organization’s people into financial performance and market value.

KPMG’s People and Change team can help you unlock this potential and navigate transformational change across all functions to drive unprecedented levels of performance.

Our key areas of focus

1.     Development of an organizational structure and a KPI system

The maximum performance efficiency is attained when each employee is the right person for the job. When he or she has accessible tasks, and we know how to assess his or her performance.

When developing organizational structures, we focus on a maximum possible acceleration of communication and decision-making processes and minimization of conflicts between units by areas of responsibilities.

We determine optimal goal-setting patterns with account taken of specific features relating to the structure of personnel in your company. We determine goals that give your employees creative drive and ambition to perform at their best. And we offer practical tools to manage the whole process.

2.     Strategic headcount planning

Based on your strategic goals, we will help you:

  • Identify what general expertise you will need to possess to achieve those goals, what expertise is already in place, and what expertise needs to be developed.
  • Assess the required level of expertise and potential sources of its acquisition.
  • Develop personnel recruitment, retention and development strategy.

3.     Employee experience management

Employee experience is a combination of quite a number of components – level of digitalization, communication comfort, accessibility of tasks, working environment, etc. Our team will assess your processes from employee perspective and identify areas for improvement.

Our solutions will definitely raise employee satisfaction, while remaining focused on increasing your company entire performance.


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