The global and Ukrainian markets are demanding business and government to continually find ways to do more with less, to innovate and adapt, and sustain performance over time. KPMG Operational Excellence team helps companies improve their operations while driving value from changes in organization, location, process, technology and sourcing.

We team up with our clients to focus on their key success factors and identify the cost drivers for the company. We aim to bring significant cost savings from implementing more efficient operating models, improve value for money from outsourcing contracts and develop the right people and processes alongside a culture.

We work with all industry sectors, marrying our functional approach with a wide range of industry-specific skills. Our teams' unique experience immediately adds value to our clients’ requirements and we clearly articulate and evaluate tangible savings underpinned by evidence from the client organization, our personal experiences, market trends and vendor knowledge.

Operating model transformation

KPMG’s methodology captures, designs, and implements operating model that encompass wide-range company’s needs and align operations with strategy. We use KPMG’s reference models and reach out to our vast network of technology and process experts across industries, providing value beyond technology.

To drive profits from transformation initiative we bring deep industry experience with a comprehensive suite of operating model transformation services:

  • management system transformation;
  • end-to-end process reengineering;
  • organizational structure design and optimization;
  • business process design & architecture for automation;
  • performance management system improvement.

We offer both function-focused and complex transformational projects.

Costs optimization

Cost management and optimization help to identify and understand cost drivers of an organization in order to get better control over key process. We work with our clients to increase business value through operating cost reduction and workforce efficiency increase.

Our team’s experience includes the following areas:

  • increase in labor productivity;
  • organizational structure optimization;
  • outsourcing, centralization and relocation of business functions;
  • business processes reengineering;
  • increase utilization of production facilities;
  • KPIs and standards setting.

Shared services centres implementation

The KPMG team works closely with executives to realize significant productivity gains and cost savings across supporting functions. We aim to strategize, design, establish a shared services operating model that aligns with business strategy and supports the client’s strategic goals.

We help accompanies build a shared services capability and manage ongoing centers at any point of the journey:

  • strategy;
  • operating models design;
  • implementation;
  • functional or geographical expansion;
  • optimization.

Business processes outsourcing

Driven by the desire to reduce costs, get greater access to qualified talent, harmonize processes, control risk and focus more on core competencies, companies have turned to outsourcing as mean of gaining enhanced competitiveness.KPMG assists our clients in all stages and functional areas of outsourcing.

We help our Clients to compete more effectively by transforming their internal operations through:

  • defining outsourcing strategy;
  • designing outsourcing operating model including scope, processes, partner governance model, pricing model, SLA and KPIs, etc.;
  • drafting outsourcing contract, including legal support;
  • supporting negotiation to balance between service quality, operational outcomes, and pricing;
  • transition support: we take every possible step to establish a sustainable outsourcing over time.

Total productive maintenance and Lean Six Sigma

KPMG’s complex approach embraces lean instruments implementation and manufacturing optimization. We help significantly increase manufacturing efficiency and achieve sustainable results building the culture of continuous improvement and developing effective processes.

How we can help:

  • we use advanced global experience to design systems of equipment maintenance and lower the losses;
  • we implement built-in quality to increase product quality and minimize waste;
  • we transform manufacturing culture;
  • we enhance the role of autonomous teams and decrease the number of equipment damage through early audit procedures.

Investment management

We help companies build effective investment management process ensuring transparent and informed investment decisions, control over investment project progress and timely post-analysis.

KPMG’s approach covers:

  • end-to-end investment process, defining roles and responsibilities;
  • investment methodologies including investment project classification, ranging criteria, investment program development methodology, etc.;
  • investment management reporting.

We advise on PMO in order to manage complex project risks and deliver results on time and within approved budget.

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