Clear career path

Clear career path

KPMG works with our people to build challenging and rewarding careers.

KPMG works with our people to build challenging and rewarding careers.

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Whether your ambition is to make Partner, become a deep technical expert, work in industry or pursue a long-term assignment abroad, we will give you the tools you need to achieve your potential.

Our career support and learning environment will enable you to explore a multitude of career paths and opportunities. And you can always talk to a mentor or career coach about your ambitions or connect with your performance manager about your goals and how best to achieve them.

A lot of our people have long and successful careers at KPMG. Others use the skills, experience and business knowledge they develop here to go on and do amazing things outside our organization. Whatever direction your career goes, your time here will be great for your résumé. And wherever life takes you, you’ll always be part of a powerful and influential network.



Last years students and graduates can take part in KPMG's paid Internship Programm. It lasts from 3 to 6 months, depends on Department. From the very beginning KPMG's interns are involved in project assigments. Almost everyone who succesfully passed Internship Programm will recieve offer for position of Auditor or Consultant at KPMG.

Auditor / Consultant / Executive

Students and university graduates may also join KPMG as Assistants. They attend numerous training sessions and programs to expand their job-specific knowledge and learn the tools and methodologies we use in our work. As project team members, they perform their duties with support from more experienced colleagues.

Supervisor / Senior Consultant / Associate

Employees with at least two years of experience are promoted can be responsible for coordinating project team work while performing all duties assigned as part of their regular work. After another year, they are promoted to the Supervisor position, requiring more operational independence as a stepping stone in preparation for becoming a Manager.


Sufficient qualifications and experience gained in the previous position are a gateway to managerial promotion. Managers supervise the work of numerous project teams and guide their subordinates’ career development.

Managers have client groups assigned to them, and are responsible for delivering projects commissioned by those clients.

Senior Manager

The Senior Manager position can be awarded to experienced Managers and specialists in their field, responsible for outlining the overall operational direction of their teams and making strategic decisions. They manage cooperation with an extensive client community.


After a minimum of two years as a Senior Manager, an employee may be promoted and become a Director. Directors represent the firm in contacts with strategic clients, and develop their own client portfolio. They also manage a department or a section while handling the career development for department staff.


Partners make strategic decisions, look after the firm’s market position and are held accountable for the delivery of the highest quality of work as well as for the overall performance of the divisions they are responsible for.