Career in the tax department

Career in the tax department

If you would like to build your career in the Tax Department, read this article and contact us now!

If you would like to build your career in the Tax Department, contact us now!

Who Are We?

By working in the ever-growing Tax Compliance team at KPMG Turkey, we get to learn about and specialize in tax regulations and practices in both domestic and international arenas.

We add candidates who intend to become an Independent Accountant and Financial Advisor and who have graduated from universities’ Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences to our team. As a young team of specialists, we create cost-saving solutions for our clients by improving their tax compliance practices.

What Do We Do as the Tax Compliance Team?

We initially detect our clients’ tax-related risks within the context of Corporate Tax and make necessary amendments. Additionally, we provide 7/24 advising on the tax-related problems that companies may face in their daily business lives. In this regard, building good communications with our clients and establishing an environment of mutual trust is very important to us.

Our Relationship with Other Teams in the Tax Department

There are tax compliance , international advisory, transfer pricing, indirect taxes, law, customs and trade, social security department, accounting service units within the Tax Department. As the full tax compliance team, we direct our clients to our other units regarding the matters that fall into different areas of specialty. Additionally, we frequently meet for specialty cases as specialists from different units and carry out evaluations.

Who Are Our Clients?

We provide our services to the leading institutions of numerous industries, most of which are foreign-invested companies.

Why Us?

KPMG changes your perspective on External Auditing and tax compliance services, as the services provided separately now unite under a single roof!

If you would like to become a successful professional who has been given external audit and tax approval knowledge and skills and who will shape the future, you are welcome to join us. At KPMG, you can have the opportunity to acquaint yourself with different auditing and tax practices in different countries by communicating with your colleagues at KPMG Global, while improving yourself in sectoral terms. As you climb the career ladders in an environment fueled by rapid improvement and training opportunities, you will also have the chance to be supported by coaching from other young and dynamic managers like yourself. We are waiting for you!

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