Career in the audit department

Career in the audit department

You may take a part in the KPMG Turkey Audit Department to become an Auditor / Independent Auditor, and proceed your career in this path.

You may take a part in the KPMG Turkey Audit Department to become an Auditor.

What Do We Do?

External audit gradually rises in importance as the New Turkish Commercial Code enters into force and the scope of mandatory external auditing in Turkey is extended.

Briefly, what we do is examine the financial statements of businesses in accordance with financial reporting standards. Then, we deliver an opinion on whether or not such businesses demonstrate their financial status and operating results realistically and accurately. Additionally, the internal control structures, and needs and relations specified by regulators of businesses also fall into our area of inspection.

Who Are Our Clients?

As KPMG Turkey Audit Department, we provide external audit services to the leading companies in Turkey which operate in all sectors; notably finance, manufacturing, retail, chemistry, logistics and pharmaceutical industries.

Where Do We Work, and with Whom?

One of the most attractive aspects of auditing is working in a dynamic environment. We conduct our auditing practices in our clients’ offices. Depending on the industry in which our client operates, we sometimes work in a factory or the head offices of a bank. During each audit, we get a chance to meet with different people and work with different teammates. The duration of our projects may vary depending on the client. Different auditing practices and approaches in different sectors help enhance your experiences.

Why Us?

If you would like to become a successful professional who has been given external audit approval knowledge and skills and who will shape the future, you are welcome to join us. At KPMG, you can have the opportunity to acquaint yourself with different auditing practice in different countries by communicating with your colleagues at KPMG Global, while improving yourself in sectoral terms. As you climb the career ladders in an environment fueled by rapid improvement and training opportunities, you will also have the chance to be supported by coaching from other young and dynamic managers like yourself. We are waiting for you!

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