The need for transformation

The present-day tax landscape is rapidly changing in line with evolving and often complex business models. Tax authorities are increasingly adopting technology and analytics, and the availability of global data has increased in step with the exchange of tax information agreements. Internally, tax functions are facing increased pressure to not only safeguard the organisation against tax risks but also ensure effective and efficient tax planning for the future.

Tax is complex. But transforming tax doesn’t have to be

In recent years, tax teams have faced increasing pressure to meet their regulatory reporting obligations with fewer resources and significantly more complex tax data. This has resulted in a growing demand for a ‘tax function of the future’ — one that can build effective processes and provide in-depth analytical insights from transparent, real-time tax data.

At KPMG in Singapore, we have developed a smarter approach to transform your tax function into a data-driven, digitally enabled one aligned to your business goals.

Our smarter transformation fits into your business, not the other way round

Establishing the right operating model is key to helping your tax team provide more and better reporting and compliance, in less time. How do we do that?

Our KPMG solution architects will work with you to understand your current state, conduct rapid diagnostics, benchmark your data and share our observations. This review process allows us to customise a transformation strategy that is not only right-sized for your business, but also delivered at the right cost and fits right into your tax strategy.

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How we can help

At KPMG in Singapore, we have combined our expertise in tax, intricate knowledge of data requirements with technology, transformation and compliance capabilities — all under a framework called 'Tax Reimagined' — to assist organisations in deploying the right solutions to drive their tax function and business forward.

Our practice includes professionals with backgrounds in tax, data and analytics, visualisation, enterprise, tax technologies and intelligent automation, who can help clients navigate these complexities. We empower organisations to be confident in their processes and data, while ensuring they remain compliant and are ready for the digital future of tomorrow, today.

Our tax technology and solutions

Leveraging advanced automation and data technologies, our solutions initiate a fit-for-purpose transformation journey suited to your organisation’s structure and size.

Tax transformation strategy

From reviewing processes to resourcing, our experienced team of tax professionals take a holistic approach to developing an effective, right-sized transformation strategy to build a future-proof tax function that is aligned to your business objectives.

Tax compliance and reporting

By automating processes to meet compliance and reporting obligations, we help free up resources in your tax function. We also build auditable, defendable and trusted tax positions which can be substantiated in the event of an audit by tax authorities.

Process and controls

To improve stakeholder transparency and efficiency of tax processes, we help implement tax controls in your organisation and ensure they are consistently applied across different markets and jurisdictions.

Tax data management and intelligence

Using tried and tested data management technologies, we help establish a single source of truth for reporting purposes, as well as deliver structured data that will drive in-depth insights for business planning and forecasting.