Setting up offices in key markets can provide the necessary in-country presence and proximity to customers as businesses grow. But expansion brings with it new business considerations and regulations to be mindful of, including managing the needs of an international workforce.

Having a strong expatriate management plan from the start is thus key to positively impacting workforce culture, business performance and reputation.

How we can help

Our Global Mobility Services (GMS) practice is founded on experience managing our own international workforce. As your partner, we provide you with the appropriate advice and plans to take care of your greatest asset: your workforce.

We keep you apprised of trends and key issues concerning international assignments so that you can respond in an appropriate and timely manner. At the same time, we offer services and tools that can help you keep costs down and enhance efficiency across your group of companies.

From international human resource considerations and tax advice to acquisitions and mergers, our suite of  tax advisory, compliance and human resource services and tools will be tailored to your business needs.

Our services

  • Tax advisory for self-employed individuals (i.e. sole proprietors/partners)
  • Employment structuring for tax efficiency
  • Employment tax advisory
  • Payroll diagnostics, tax dispute resolution and voluntary disclosures
  • Global equity-based remuneration advisory
  • Due diligence on employer obligations/tax liabilities
  • Applications for tax incentives/rulings
  • Tax equalisation policy development and implementation
  • Global/regional coordination of expatriate tax services
  • Assignment tax cost projections
  • Immigration advisory, including employment pass (visa) applications and renewals
  • Application for permanent residency in Singapore 
  • Extended business travellers' tax treaty review
  • Real-time risk assessment for cross-border business travellers with our technology tool
  • Singapore personal tax returns and Form IR8A and IR21 preparation
  • US federal and state tax returns preparation
  • HR advisory services, such as compensation/benefit practices, employment contracts, HR policies and practice


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