Mergers, acquisitions and disposals have enormous potential for value creation for your investors. To realise this potential, it is vital to understand and take tax implications into account at the outset.

This is even more important if you are entering into a cross-border transaction. The confluence of differences in laws, regulations, business cultures, time zones and language can multiply the risk of fiscal miscalculations, misunderstandings and misconceptions.

How we can help

Our professionals come from different services and sectors and we understand the markets. We are familiar with local business nuances and global business trends, with a deep understanding of the competitive landscape.

As your advisor, we will assist in the identification and management of material tax exposures; safeguard valuable tax assets; and design deal structures that enhance the long-lasting value of a deal.

Leveraging our resources and experience, we help you avoid transaction downsides and identify opportunities that will benefit you and your stakeholders.

Our services

Tax due diligence

  • Track down tax information needed to identify and address tax exposures

Structuring acquisitions and disposals

  • Design structures that take account of exposures revealed during due diligence
  • Review contracts to assess their tax efficiency, provide tax opinions, and obtain tax authority rulings or incentives
  • Assess the value of a target's tax attributes, helping you structure transactions in a tax-effective manner that supports your post-deal integration plans

Contract assistance

  • Review contracts to assess tax efficiency and understand the impact on purchase price mechanism

Tax modeling

  • Calculate post-transaction future tax cash flows based on an investment model or profit forecast

Vendor due diligence

  • Conduct vendor-initiated tax due diligence to facilitate an efficient and smooth disposal process
  • Identify and resolve potential deal-breakers before potential bidders are approached

Vendor assistance

  • Assist with vendor side documentation, including the preparation of data-room documentation
  • Advise on pre-deal reorganisation measures

Post-transaction integration

  • Swift resolution of post-transaction issues
  • Capture synergies, reconcile conflicting tax positions and reduce number of newly acquired entities in a tax-efficient manner


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