Transformation is a continuing journey

How close are you to becoming a customer-centric connected enterprise?

KPMG Connected Enterprise is aligned around eight core organizational capabilities. According to research by Forrester Consulting, organizations that invest in them are twice as likely to create exceptional customer experiences, achieve business objectives and generate a greater return on investment.

Find out where you stand by completing our quick, easy-to-use, confidential online assessment.

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Chart your progress

Our assessment lets you score your organization on the strength of the capabilities required for digital maturity.

How well can you:

  • Control data to deliver insight-driven strategies and actions?
  • Develop new ways to define your brand and create innovative products and services?
  • Build-in experience-centricity by design?
  • Create digitally-enabled processes to provide seamless interactions and commerce?
  • Apply metrics and technologies to create more responsive operations and supply chain?
  • Change the culture to reshape an aligned and empowered workforce?
  • Adopt an agile approach founded on a digitally enabled technology architecture?
  • Manage an integrated partner and alliance ecosystem?
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Where are you on your Connected Enterprise journey?

Complete the Connected Enterprise Capability Maturity Assessment and download your customized, real-time report. This benchmarks your organization’s journey to digital maturity against industry best practice.

At a glance, you’ll have an easy-to-share view of the opportunities and challenges you face on the way to becoming a connected enterprise, aligned around your customers.

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