Effectively identifying, integrating and managing third-parties to help increase speed to market, reduce costs, mitigate risks and supplement capability gaps in delivering the customer promise are some key goals for the connected enterprise.

Building partnerships and alliances can help your company deliver a competitive edge. By finding the right partners and establishing effective communication and data sharing, you can help extend your business’s growth into new markets. The success of these partnerships will likely require a more fluid, flexible model of business for your company, people and systems. 

You can create that environment by building networks of partners and alliances, aiming to ensure their systems can talk to each other through application programming interfaces (APIs) and carefully managing how everything works together.

Are your alliances empowering your success? Consider these key questions:

  • How can you identify partners, alliances and vendors to fill capability gaps?
  • Is your approach to shared services cost efficient and consistent?
  • Do you have a defined, efficient and risk-reducing onboarding process?
  • How can you certify and monitor partner performance and continued understanding of your mission?

As architects of third-party alliance ecosystems, KPMG can:

  • Develop a strategy to build and manage a strategic network of partnerships and alliances.
  • Identify potential partners to boost your business goals — and building interfaces between multiple systems.
  • Navigate the complex world of data protection, cybersecurity and the small print involved in your transactions with partners and customers.
  • Objectively assess how effectively your current outsourcing providers are leveraging digital labor solutions and providing valuable insight into future options.

KPMG Connected Enterprise

KPMG Connected Enterprise is a customer-centric, tailored-by-sector approach to digital transformation.

It allows you to rebuild your business, end to end, around your customers to create a seamless, agile, digitally enabled business, capable of transforming experiences and reaching new levels of performance and value.

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