In today’s environment of digital disruption, customers have the power. A connected enterprise doesn’t just realize that success is in its customers’ hands, it innovates with them in mind, building business models around the customer. Compelling customer value propositions with the right mix of pricing, products and services can help you target the most attractive customer segments to help drive profitable growth.

Agility and curiosity can be key to igniting expansion. By creating innovation labs to launch new products and services with customers, harnessing emerging technologies or seeking new partnerships, you can take advantage of customer insights in your business model.

With a roadmap to guide you to customer-centricity, you can expand or target your offering to your most relevant audiences. By anticipating customer needs, you’ll be on your way to a competitive advantage in the market.

Is your current product and service offering customer-centric? Consider these questions:
  • Do you have a consistent brand position and experience across all of your channels?
  • Does your strategic planning process balance perceived value to customers with value to the organization?
  • Do your customer insights and segmentation help you target customers and prospects with the right products?
  •  Do you design new products and services leveraging deep customer insights and anticipating future needs?

To ensure your innovation strategy aligns with customer needs, KPMG can:

  • Identify emerging changes or threats that could lead to disruption, providing a roadmap for navigating any challenge.
  • Develop and test new business model opportunities, backed by a design-thinking approach and a deep understanding of the customer.
  • Help you to understand the technology and resources you’ll need to become more responsive and innovative.

KPMG Connected Enterprise

KPMG Connected Enterprise is a customer-centric, tailored-by-sector approach to digital transformation.

It allows you to rebuild your business, end to end, around your customers to create a seamless, agile, digitally enabled business, capable of transforming experiences and reaching new levels of performance and value.

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