In the 2022 report on global manufacturing prospects, it was clear that macroeconomic trends are driving executives to focus even more than before on a twin transformation: smart digitization and a focus on ESG. These remain key imperatives, but now the global picture has become distorted. The world economy is slowing down while technological change is accelerating. CEOs should not take their eye off the main prize: sustainable and profitable growth. To achieve it, they should recalibrate continuously while sticking to their core strengths and values. 

"Given the dramatic changes in geopolitics, climate change and working practices, it is more challenging than ever to stay on track in meeting long-term corporate objectives. However, if companies are to restructure successfully, the entire executive suite must lead with a clear vision of where they want to go and how to take the company there," comments Peter Lindström, Partner and Head of Industrial Markets at KPMG.

Peter Lindström
Partner and Head of Industrial Markets at KPMG