Annual Personal Income Tax for 2015 - Serbia

Annual Personal Income Tax for 2015 - Serbia

The deadline for submission of annual income tax returns for income generated in 2015 is 16 May 2016.

Income tax

Individuals whose total net income in 2015 exceeded RSD 2,201,220 are obliged to file annual tax return.

Tax residents of Serbia declare worldwide income, while tax non-residents of Serbia declare income generated on the territory of Serbia.

Tax brackets are presented below:

Description  Amount in RSD 
Non-taxable income  up to 2,201,220
Income taxable @ 10% from 2,201,221 up to 6,603,660
Income taxable @ 15%  from 6,603,661

The income for taxation is reduced for the prescribed personal deductions:

  • for the taxpayer: RSD 293,496
  • for each dependent family member: RSD 110,061 Total amount of personal deductions may not exceed 50% of the amount of taxable income.

Manner of Submission of the Tax Return

The Law on Tax Procedure and Tax Administration prescribes that annual tax returns must be submitted in electronic form. Please note that in order to submit annual tax return (PPDG-2R form) it is necessary to obtain electronic certificate for access to the Tax Authorities’ portal E-Porezi or to authorize another entity via PEP form.

Possibility of Filing Extension

The Law on Tax Procedure and Tax Administration allows a filing extension for returns under the following conditions:

  • a written application must be submitted to the Tax Authorities,
  • the application must be submitted before the filing deadline, and
  • justification for the filing extension must be provided (e.g. illness, absence from the country, accident, major disaster, etc.).

The extension application should be submitted at the place where the tax return is filed. The Tax Authorities should respond within five days from the receipt of the extension application. The deadline may be extended for a maximum of six months.

Should you need assistance in preparing and submitting of your annual income tax return or if you are interested in a presentation on this for your employees, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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