Businesses in every sector are pursuing the fastest and most-efficient response to the pressing need for modern work environments, digital capabilities and new business models. For a fast-growing number of organizations racing to accelerate innovation and enhance competitiveness in today's new reality, low-code is the answer. 

At KPMG, we see low-code as the future of application development and automation. Low-code platforms can dramatically speed creation of sophisticated enterprise-class applications that incorporate complex business logic, automate workflow, integrate with existing information systems, and enable a slick user experience.

Organizations wisely embracing the shift to low-code are already seeing their digital strategies become reinvigorated and more unified, and their operating capabilities more agile. Enterprises are able to respond more quickly to ever-changing customer expectations and deliver a more meaningful, engaging experience for employees and customers.

Why Low-Code is important for your business?

why Low-Code is important

Let's think about this!

65% of major companies are adopting or have already adopted Low-Code

90% of major companies have indicated that they are looking into Low-Code in order to remain competitive in the market

47% of companies do not yet have a formulated digital strategy

60% of interviewed decision-makers rate Low-Code development as critical to their companies strategy and operations

Sample: n = 715 companies Global 2000
Source: KPMG’s Market Research 2022

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