This research document is the first part of a two-part series on this topic crafted by KPMG and HFS Research. The following report provides insights from interviews with over a dozen technology leaders from Europe’s most prominent firms on their low code journeys. In addition, we explore the drivers behind rising adoption, how organizations benefit, and some of the challenges they have faced when implementing low code at scale. Part two will dive into the emergence of digital workforce, communities of practice, and how new governance models can be adopted to sustain your low code efforts.

Low code is becoming more than a technology enabler and culture change agent. It has become a translator into the world of technology for people who are not technologists.

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Watch the webcast "KPMG & HFS Webcast - Enterprise Adoption of Low Code", in which Ralph Aboujaoude Diaz, Practice Leader at HFS connects with Ben Rayner, Head of Analytics and Process Optimisation at Citi Enterprise Operations and Technology, Seng Yue Yau, Head of Digital Transformation and TBS IT at Takeda, and Rui Gonçalves, Head of Technology Consulting at KPMG Portugal & Global Low Code and Automation Lead to get their insights & perspectives on how low code does or doesn’t fit into their digital journey.

Low code is a hot topic in the market right now for software development teams and the potential for citizen development (non-IT developers). HFS with support from KPMG is exploring how European firms are grappling with low code, the opportunities, challenges, and successes. In this session, Ralph will moderate a discussion with Ben, Yau, and Rui about our recent study that involved HFS speaking to 15 technology leaders about their firm’s adoption of low code.

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