In KPMG Law we provide comprehensive legal services. Every day we face the most complex aspects of the business world. We handle transactions across all sectors of the economy and provide clients with innovative and practical solutions. Our team consists of over 40 lawyers, most of whom are qualified as attorneys-at-law or advocates.

What are the characteristics of a law firm affiliated with KPMG? What matters does it handle?

The firm provides legal services primarily to entrepreneurs, Polish and foreign companies. A significant portion of orders is legal advice to foreign entities that have invested in Poland or plan to invest here. Consequently, we provide transactional advice, conduct due diligence studies, and negotiate share sale agreements. In addition to this, we provide legal advice in the ongoing conduct of business activities in Poland. 

What are the three main qualities that describe you as a professional?

"Thorough" – our work requires inquisitiveness and precision; it is worth taking the trouble and investigating the matter for the client from all sides so that we can "advise" them, not just give them information.

"Innovative" – as the world changes, so do the expectations of our clients. We strive to be up to date and adapt our range of services to current needs accordingly.

"Casual" – in spite of the stereotypes about lawyers, I have replaced the "briefcase" with a backpack. I am keen to convey a clear and specific message to clients, without unnecessary platitudes.

What projects are you responsible for?

Our law firm offers assistance in many areas: corporate, real estate, employees, but also more specific specialisations, including, for example, state aid, telecommunications law or even aviation law. I focus on legal advice to entities in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, including in particular issues of marketing, production, distribution and advertising of medicines, medical devices, cosmetics, dietary supplements.

Tell us about a project you are proud of and why?

Working in a law firm associated with a consulting company gives you the opportunity to participate in projects combining business, legal and tax advisory at the same time. I believe that this is an added value for clients who, thanks to the cooperation of KPMG departments, receive a complete product – a service that takes into account all aspects of their business. That is why I am most pleased with those projects where I can work with colleagues from other KPMG departments. As an example, I can mention a recent analysis prepared for one of the pharmaceutical companies, on which I worked together with the Transfer Pricing team. By working together, we were able to look at the client's problem from many angles and work out a satisfactory solution.

What does your career path look like?

I started working at KPMG in 2017 as an Associate, after 3 years I was promoted to Senior Associate. I came to the firm already as a qualified lawyer (I am an attorney-at-law), with some experience gained in other law firms and companies. Thus, I have not followed the full career path at KPMG. For those who are at the beginning of their career path, the law firm offers summer internships and traineeships. I am currently working with trainees and lawyers who started their careers at the firm in this way. 

How does KPMG help you improve your qualifications? What qualifications do you need to work in a law firm?

Working in a law firm involves representing clients in courts and before administrative authorities, and it is therefore necessary to be qualified as an advocate or attorney-at-law. KPMG finances attorney-at-law and advocate training, as well as the final exam, which is extremely helpful in building your career.

We usually work with clients from abroad or with Polish branches/subsidiaries of foreign entities, so at least one foreign language is essential. Financing language courses is standard. KPMG provides its employees with a range of internal and external training courses. It is possible to participate in training abroad. I have fond memories of a trip to KPMG in Munich for a meeting of the working group on the new medical device regulations. 

What are the characteristics of working in your team?

I really feel comfortable among the people I work with. The team at the firm consists of both lawyers with considerable experience and young people just out of university. At work at the law firm, I met with understanding for my ideas, style of work. There is a possibility of combining work duties with private life.

As far as internal customs are concerned, I am happy to share an observation on the forms used by law firm employees. As soon as I started work, I had to find out to whom I could address by my first name, and to whom it was appropriate to use the form "Sir/Madam". Advice for future employees – the customary form is used towards Partners 😊.


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