The Audit Support Center (ASC) in Katowice is a dynamically developing support department, executing orders for the Audit Department of KPMG in Poland. The scope of work provided includes in particular support for the planning phase of audit projects, comprehensive assistance in handling the process of external confirmations, processing, and operations on databases, verifying the correctness of financial statements, and carrying out detailed tests.

What does the Audit Support Center Department do?

ASC is a department tasked with supporting Audit based in Katowice. Here, in the heart of Silesia, over sixty people support our seven offices across the country in carrying out the procedures necessary for the effective conduct of audits and the issuance of financial statements.

What is the most important aspect of your work? Why did you decide to apply to KPMG?

The decision to choose KPMG was made after recommendations from people working here, who pointed out many positive aspects, such as continuous development, building experience, the possibility of pursuing one's passions after work, and all this in a great atmosphere, among helpful and supportive people. Additionally, KPMG is one of the best auditing companies in Poland, so the choice was obvious.

It turned out that all the aspects of work which I consider important and which I listed above were true.

What are your responsibilities?

As a Process Specialist, I carry out numerous different audit and audit-related procedures for many of our clients at the same time. Often, these are small steps that, in the long run, add up to the final result of my work, which the auditors appreciate and praise.

Depending on which month of our client's financial year we work in, we perform a number of very diversified procedures, each often requiring different skills.

What challenges do people in your position face?

As in any job, we have to face diverse challenges. Not all of them come from the employer. Sometimes a confluence of different circumstances results in a more difficult case and it has to be resolved somehow. I cannot think of a specific example that would be worth sharing, but there must have been several such situations. Each of them is different. It is important not to think pessimistically and to look for solutions and support from more experienced colleagues. There is no need to be afraid to ask questions, especially in difficult situations, requiring quick but prudent action, sometimes even sensitivity.

What opportunities are offered by work at the ASC?

Several odd jobs during my studies did not give me such a great sense of self-development as working at the ASC and being able to absorb knowledge from experts. If you add to that a commitment to work and a sense of responsibility for the tasks at hand, it is a straightforward path to being offered a move to a higher position, receiving new responsibilities and consequently, better pay.

I believe that if I did it in a year while working in the ASC, anyone can do it. You just have to want it very much and strive for your goal.

Which training courses are useful in your position? Has KPMG helped you gain new skills?

I am planning to start a course organised by the Association of Accountants in Poland on the basics of accounting at level 1. I am in the process of applying for funding for such a course, which I must admit makes things much easier. I also feel that the company I work for not only supports me in my decision to broaden my knowledge, but also rewards me – making it easier for me to bear the costs of participation in such a course.

What do you like your team for?

Apart from the aforementioned openness to helping younger colleagues who are less proficient in various fields, the main trait of the whole team is that we have a sense of humour, that we do not create a tense atmosphere and that we enjoy spending time together. Every possible meeting after work, whether organised by the company or not, is used by us to get to know each other better and to integrate. Every job puts all of us in different, often difficult situations. How better to deal with them, if not with wonderful, smiling, helpful and open people?

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