Modern technologies are an integral part of work of all KPMG departments. Therefore, trainees, juniors, specialists, team leaders and IT managers can be found, among others, in the teams of the Audit Department, Tax Advisory, Business Advisory or Support Departments. With more than a dozen IT teams, we work across a range of technologies, combining the digital world with the world of consulting in a non-obvious way.

What does your team do?

The Cyber Security team provides a wide range of services, taking a comprehensive approach to information protection, securing the infrastructure, applications, and considering the human factor – proper organisation, processes, and employees' knowledge in the area of information security. The pace of development and complexity of IT technology makes vulnerabilities in the security of IT systems a common phenomenon. If we add to this the vulnerability of employees to manipulation, effective information protection becomes an extremely difficult issue – as a team we provide solutions and counteract such threats.

Why did you choose to work at KPMG?

I decided to pursue a career with a company that would provide me with a unique possibility to grow in a business environment and open doors to professional opportunities. Cyber security is one of the main topics of the last few years, surrounded by constant changes and new directions. The fact that KPMG is one of the biggest employers for professionals in this field and has a great team of people with technical expertise from whom I can learn a lot, made me decide to pursue a career at KPMG.

How do developments in technology affect your work?

Working in the Cyber Security team requires collaborating with different clients and different technologies, so the learning process never ends. When it comes to IT and security, there is always room for growth. This market is constantly changing, so you need to constantly keep up to date with new developments to stay informed and always remain one step ahead. 

What was the most challenging project for you?

Since I started working at KPMG over 2 years ago, I have had the opportunity to participate in many projects. I think one of the most interesting was a project for a big client from the financial sector. It helped me understand how these companies work and how to build good relationships with clients. It was also a great opportunity to develop new competences, because during this project I could learn a lot of new technologies. It was also one of the most difficult projects, but I like challenges and am always eager to learn new things.

What development paths can you choose at KPMG being part of the Cyber Security team?

There are many different career paths to pursue within the Cyber Security team, ranging from application and systems testing, through information protection, infrastructure security and social engineering. The biggest advantage of working in my team is that you get to try out all these paths before deciding on one, as projects are diverse and changing all the time.

Why should candidates associate KPMG with the IT/Tech area?

Information technology is evolving rapidly and security weaknesses in IT systems have become a common problem. Companies face security issues every day. To help these companies, KPMG has built a team of experts with technical expertise and extensive experience gained from hundreds of cyber security projects in Poland and around the world. A team of great specialists who are eager to share their knowledge, helping not only clients but also colleagues to develop new competencies and grow the team. KPMG also emphasises the importance of training, courses, and certificates to improve or organise knowledge in specific topics.

What do you like your job for?

My work is interesting and challenging. Every day I learn new things and expand my knowledge. Moreover, working with different clients allows me to enrich my professional experience and develop soft skills. One of the most important things to mention when talking about our team is that we are more friends than co-workers, so the atmosphere in the office is positive and friendly. When you have some important deadlines and you are stressed, it is good to take a break from your responsibilities by laughing with your friends.

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