The application and promotion of solutions designed to support local communities, to protect and disseminate environmental knowledge, to promote entrepreneurship, and to support cultural initiatives, i.e. Corporate Cultural Responsibility (CCR), are embedded in KPMG's values and organisational culture.

A summary of KPMG's activities in the area of corporate social responsibility is presented in the “KPMG Sustainable Development in Poland Report”, which highlights a broad spectrum of KPMG's activities in Poland according to the five transformational areas of the United Nations Agenda 2030 known as the 5P principle: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, Partnership.

Support for local communities

KPMG supports social groups in need of help - children, the elderly, the poor, the sick - by organising initiatives for their benefit.

Health promotion

In cooperation with the Regional Blood Donation and Hemotherapy Centre, KPMG organises the “Blood Donation Action”. In spring and summer, KPMG also encourages its employees to exchange their cars for bicycles (the “Bike2work” campaign).

KPMG volunteering

For years, KPMG has been supporting employees in the implementation of community projects under the Employee Volunteering Programme. In addition, the firm participates in the KPMG Global Service Day initiative. KPMG employees actively participate in voluntary work in animal shelters and carry out maintenance work in the Wilanów flower gardens.

KPMG looks after the environment

KPMG in Poland promotes responsibility for the natural environment and acts for its benefit.

KPMG has implemented the Environmental Management System in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN ISO 14001:2015 standard and operates on the basis of international ISO 26000 standard.

All environmental initiatives at KPMG in Poland are covered by the EcoKPMG programme, the aim of which is to optimise the use of natural resources and educate employees and their families in environmental protection. KPMG is also the initiator of the civic and environmental action entitled “No printing Day”, aimed at encouraging as many people as possible to refrain from printing documents for one day.

KPMG involves itself in cultural initiatives

KPMG in Poland supports cultural initiatives as part of Corporate Cultural Responsibility to spread and promote culture. The initiatives include such activities as founding the neon sign of the National Museum in Warsaw or celebrating the 150th anniversary of “Teatr Śląski”.

KPMG is committed to entrepreneurship

KPMG conducts a number of activities supporting the development of entrepreneurship in Poland. The company actively participates in congresses, conferences, seminars and other local or national industry events. KPMG experts give lectures or moderate panels and thematic sessions both during events and conferences organised by, and under the patronage of, KPMG. The KPMG Tax and Accounting Congress is an event organised exclusively by KPMG in Poland. It is the largest event of this type in the country, attended by representatives of the management staff.

KPMG shares its knowledge and experience

KPMG prepares publications and opinion-forming substantial studies on various branches of the economy. KPMG also cooperates with chambers of commerce and trade associations.

KPMG in Poland has been supporting Public Benefit Organisations (PBOs) for years, providing them with free professional auditing and advisory services and engaging in civic campaigns organised by the PBOs.

KPMG creates and makes available content and tools useful for business, including webcasts, podcasts, e-learning, thematic blogs, interactive tools, and the KPMG subscription system.

The “Zaczytani” (“Immersed in Reading”) campaign

KPMG is the main partner of the national “Zaczytani” campaign, created by the “Rozwój” ("Development") Foundation. The main objective of the campaign is to create libraries for children and young people in hospitals, day care centres and family-type children’s homes and hospices.

More about the initiative on the website

KPMG promotes corporate social responsibility

KPMG in Poland promotes corporate social responsibility through cooperation with institutions dedicated to this, such as Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu (“Responsible Business Forum”).

Since 2012, KPMG has been participating in the Responsible Business Forum Partnership Programme, thus promoting the development of social responsibility in organisations in Poland and KPMG has also been a signatory to the Diversity Charter since 2013. Thus, it declares its policy of equal treatment and diversity management in the company.

KPMG International has been a UNGC signatory since 2002. It is thus committed to ten fundamental principles involving human rights, labour rights, environmental protection, and anti-bribery.