IT Internal Audit & Compliance Services

IT Internal Audit & Compliance Services

What we do:

We help organizations in transforming their IT Audit and Compliance capabilities so they can understand, prioritize, and manage their IT risks and drive value into the business.


                               i.           IT Internal Audit

Helping clients enhance their IT Audit capabilities and add value through risk assessment, planning and execution of specialist audits

Internal Audit services provides a network of Internal Audit and IT specialists with deep technical knowledge of operational risks and emerging IT technology. We work in Partnership with your Internal Team to drive value into your audit plan, providing comprehensive risk assessments to focus your plan on the right risks and the right time.


a.       IT internal audit co-source/ loan staff

Partner with in-house audit functions to provide skilled IT audit resources on an ‘as needed’ basis, KPMG can help clients gain staffing flexibility while shifting to a variable cost basis. Strategic co-sourcing allows your organization to staff up and down as needed without incurring the overheads associated with permanent staff.


Technology is evolving faster than Internal Audit departments can keep up. Co-sourcing provides access to deep technical subject matter expertise and other collateral that allow your function to keep pace with emerging technology risks.


b.      IT Managed services

KPMG can provide IT Internal Audit co-source services. Let KPMG manage the planning and execution of your IT Audit plan from risk assessment, execution through to reporting to the Audit Committee.


                             ii.            IT Compliance

Helping client drive IT risk and compliance activities into the 1st and 2nd lines of defense. We can help clients establish an IT compliance function in order to design, implement and execute compliance activities to extend assurance into IT and Risk functions.


                           iii.            IT SOX Services

Assisting clients with the design and execution of their IT SOX program. Reducing costs and increasing the effectiveness of the program with automation, enhanced risk assessment and scoping and controls rationalization.

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